blueberry platitudes

20th AvenueODILI DONALD ODITAKaleidoscope, 2012Laminated glass in platform windscreens
Jun 4

20th Avenue
Kaleidoscope, 2012
Laminated glass in platform windscreens


James LittleJuju Boogie Woogie, 2013.
Jun 4


James Little
Juju Boogie Woogie, 2013.


mary lovelace o’nealuntitled, 1975
Apr 28

mary lovelace o’neal
untitled, 1975

sam gilliamhalf circle, red1975.
Apr 28

sam gilliam
half circle, red

"But blackness is not the absence of color. So far is black art also always late work, correspondent to the victory of escape"

- Fred Moten, The Case of Blackness”, 2008.

Apr 27
Howardena PindellUntitled #98, 1977
Apr 27

Howardena Pindell
Untitled #98, 1977

ed clark.ife rose.oil on canvas.1974
Apr 22

ed clark.
ife rose.
oil on canvas.

Howardena PindellUntitled 1968-70
Apr 16

Howardena Pindell

Joe OverstreetPurple Flight (from the “Purple Pattern” series)1971
Apr 16

Joe Overstreet
Purple Flight (from the “Purple Pattern” series)

“for a twisted sort of way I am doomed to be buried alive in cadmium orange, red, yellow light with flowers on my grave of magenta violet, and my casket being the canvas for forcefully having to wrap, walk, and slide into it everyday I like the wave Russian blue shore and the shore of the tree the leaf the wind the end…I want to paint – paint, paint! Paint! Paint! And then paint more and more. I’m what is jokingly called an esthetic junkie- I’m hooked on pigment. So please forgive me and most of all believe in me.”

Apr 3
A Letter from Bob Thompson